Fighting DUI/DWI Charges

What can happen if you are convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) in Oklahoma? Loss of driving privileges, expensive fines and even jail time might all be on the table. In addition, a conviction could show up for years on housing and employment background checks and significantly increase the cost of your auto insurance rates.

There is no time to waste when charged with a crime. You need a strong DUI defense that protects your rights. At Albert & Albert Attorneys in Elk City, Oklahoma, we can provide the tough representation that you need. Our attorneys bring more than 60 years of combined criminal law experience.

Dangers Of Going It Alone

Far too many people simply plead guilty to DUI charges in an effort to "put the charges behind them." Instead, let our lawyers first look into your case.

After examining the details of your arrest and uncovering all crucial evidence, we can determine if police violated your constitutional rights or if sobriety tests — such as a breath test or blood test — were conducted properly.

Our attorneys may be able to negotiate a more favorable outcome for you. In other cases, we may find evidence that can lead to charges being reduced or dismissed.

Is It Possible To Avoid License Suspension And Job Loss?

Because of the possibility of license suspension and revocation after your arrest, DUI charges can lead to job loss. It may be possible to limit the impact of license suspension; however, it is important to act quickly to get strong legal representation.

If you drive a truck for a living, your commercial driver's license (CDL) could be at stake, robbing you of your ability to make a living. Our attorneys have protected the rights of numerous truck drivers and enabled them to keep their jobs.

We can help you resolve your administrative license suspension while also dealing with the separate criminal charges.

Your First Call After An Arrest

If you or a loved one was arrested for DWI, act quickly. Call 580-225-2010 to speak with one of our lawyers. You can also reach us online to schedule a consultation.